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10 problems only Las Vegas drivers have It's easy to find reasons to complain about cars on the road that aren't your own.A big chunk of the 2 million people who live here didn't learn to drive here. Add to that the 40 million visitors we get every year, and it's a wonder we survive on the roads at all.Nevada plates? WatchWatch wholesale Bengals cheap jerseys for the longest following distance you've ever seen. Utah plates? Be prepared to be run over if you're actually going the speed limit. California plates? Just assume they're always trying to change lanes, because you'll never see a signal.2. Driving down the Resort Corridor and having to slow for touristsEveryone likes to slow down to see the Strip unless you drive past it every day on your way to work.While tourists are slowing to 55 to try to catch a glimpse of their hotel, we're more focused on getting around them. There are plentyplenty cheap authentic Bengals jerseys free shipping of better places to get a view of the Las Vegas skyline, after all.3. Realizing there's no way youyou cheap authentic Bengals jerseys can avoid taking an exit anywhere near the Spaghetti BowlMaybe this hits close to home at the RJ because it's literally close to home for us, but a morning commute that ends with taking MLK off the 95 is rarely a good start to the day.Add a couple fender benders to the usual traffic and you just tripled your 20 minute commute.4. Construction on the Spaghetti BowlNo one likes dealing with construction, and admittedly drivers in every state will complain about it. But driving through the Spaghetti Bowl on a Monday morning is its own special brand of misery, and of course we all like to think we're unique in our suffering.Have you ever sat on an off ramp for 20 minutes, only to get to the bottom and not even find an accident? You're not alone.5. When your destination is on the opposite side of the Strip from youThere's nothing worseworse cheap china Bengals jerseys free shipping than being in a hurry and realizing your destination is on the other side of the Strip."Well, maybe if I take the 215 and just backtrack a few minutes, it will be faster "It won't be. You can either go a roundabout way to end up directly east of where you started, or just suck it up and cross the Strip while thinking about all the bad decisions that led you to this point.6. But Las Vegas isn't most places, and between gawking tourists and tourists who know where they're going, but that place just happens to be the Strip, you're going to spend some time looking at the Las Vegas lights as you inch toward Trop.7. Having to go out in the rain everDo you remember what rain feels like? Maybe not, considering Thursday marked 50 days with no rain in Las Vegas.When it finally does rain, none of us are in for a good time. The mixture of oil on the roads and drivers who aren't usedused cheap Bengals jersey to propelling massive hunks of metal through the mess means everyone has to be more careful but of course there's always that one person driving behind you who doesn't seem to notice the buckets of precipitation falling from the sky.8. Getting used to planning for U turns before you even get to your destinationConcrete medians are everywhere.We've all gotten used to having to turn in the opposite direction of where we want to go, just to make a U turn, but that doesn't make it any less annoying not to be able to turn left when there's no traffic, only to get stuck at the longest red light that's ever happened.